James Mawhinney

Founder & CEO, Media.com

James Mawhinney

Founder & CEO, Media.com


James is passionate about building businesses at scale that address real-world problems. Currently (he is) focused on launching a global initiative aimed at solving misinformation.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what James has achieved in his teens, twenties and thirties –

Established, with my father, one of Australia’s first online marketing companies, in a matter of weeks after graduating from high school

Trained and managed over 30 staff at age 18

Consulted to over 2,000 businesses internationally on business growth strategies over the following decade

I was invited to speak at various business events throughout the Asia-Pacific region from the age of 22

Completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce double-degree majoring in Investment Finance at age 25

I was awarded the WA Business News ‘40 Under 40’ Award at age 26

Exited this business to an Australian Stock Exchange-listed company for an eight-figure sum at age 27

Appointed CEO and Managing Director of the ASX company at age 29

Assisted Australia’s corporate regulator (ASIC) build a case to prosecute the ASX company’s former managing director in 2013, after I identified his misconduct and blew the whistle

Restructured and expanded the group of companies over the following four years to employ over 70 staff across five locations in Australia and London – the group that became known as Mayfair 101

Successfully launched multiple fixed income investment products through Mayfair 101 that raised over $250 million to fund various private equity initiatives

Identified, negotiated, made and managed investments across 11 countries, delivering 30%+ rate of return year-on-year

Acquired Isola San Spirito (Venice, Italy) in 2018, a six-acre freehold development site to commence a five-star hotel development

Acquired Dunk Island (Queensland, Australia) in 2019, and over 100 properties on the nearby mainland to commence a $1.6 billion redevelopment

Defended against the regulator (ASIC) who from 2020 mis-assessed and seemingly misunderstood Mayfair 101’s investment activities

Negotiated a settlement in 2022 – a major win in disproving ASIC’s assessment of Mayfair 101

Successfully appealed ASIC’s case in 2022, in which three judges unanimously found I had been denied procedural fairness

Took ASIC to the High Court of Australia in 2023 to challenge further decisions

Acquired a major .com domain name in 2023, in order to give others the opportunity to respond to media and manage their reputation

Established a team in 2023, spanning five countries, to undertake an initiative to protect consumers from scams

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