2023 Agenda (2024 Agenda TBA)

2023 Sessions
Day 1
02 Nov 2023

CMO & CCO Outlook: The Big Picture

The CMO and CCO Outlook keynote panel brings together four leading marketing and communication executives from leading DC area companies to discuss their outlook for 2024 — and beyond. This...
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Rosemary McGillan
Kathy Baird
Michael Smith
Martha Boudreau

AI-Powered Creativity: Unleashing the Potential

This keynote panel brings together creatives and leading AI leaders from the region to talk about the power and possibilities of AI for creative development. These speakers are at the...
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Todd Marks
Geoff Livingston
Christian Smooth
Lynne Kingsley

Social Media Outlook: Insights and Trends for 2024

Several of the region’s leading social media thought leaders will provide insight about their outlook for 2024 and beyond. How has their social strategy shifted in the last year? What...
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Juliana Avery
Lydia Gerike
Tisa Sinclair
Roger Hughlett
Amy Ganderson

1+1=3: The Value Of Brand In M&A Deals

Within the many complexities of any merger or acquisition lies the unique opportunity for unprecedented distinction — the chance to bring together the best, most compelling facets of two organizations...
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Hal Swetnam

Communicating Health Care Outbreaks After the Crisis is Gone

This session will focus on healthcare communications and how to continue the awareness after the spotlight has dimmed. In 2022, AIDS claimed a life every minute. And while being virtually eliminated in the...
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Juliet Glassroth
Martha Cameron
Laura Guay
Sara Hansard

Marcus Collins, Best Selling Author, “For the Culture: The Power Behind the World’s Most Successful Brands, from Apple to Beyonce”

The architect of some of the most famous ad campaigns of the last decade argues that culture is the most powerful vehicle for influencing behavior, and outlines to attendees how...
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Marcus Collins

B2G PR: How to Get Your Stories Covered by the Public Sector Media

Hear from Public Sector Media reporters and find out the technology trends government agencies care about the most. The panel will weigh in on the hot topics related to workforce,...
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Frank Konkel
Molly Weisner
Katie Hanusik

Evolving SEO Techniques: Adapting AI, Algorithm Updates and Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimization continues to be a key marketing tactic for most brands. Over the last year, the proliferation of AI has created a potentially tectonic shift for search engine...
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Josh Greene
Bari Friedman
Kyle Sutton
Chad Hill

B2B Marketing in the Digital Age: Strategies for Success

B2B marketing leaders will share their expertise in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of business-to-business marketing in the digital era. You’ll gain valuable insights into innovative strategies, data-driven approaches, and the...
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Stephanie Glashow
Christina Parsons
Hunter Montgomery
Jeffrey Davis

Using Social Listening to Combat Misinformation/Disinformation About Election Fraud and Other Pressing Issues of the Day

Social listening and digital engagement are powerful tools. By monitoring real-time conversations, discussions, and trending content on social networking platforms and digital media, we can identify insights, opportunities, and emerging...
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Mindy Moretti
Doug Chapin
Marina Anwuri

Navigating Crisis Communications: A Fireside Chat with the Washington Commanders’ Chief Communications Officer

In the world of sports, crises can emerge unexpectedly, from player controversies to organizational challenges and beyond. It’s no secret that the Washington Commanders have navigated their fair share of...
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Jean Medina
Sean O’Leary

Prioritizing Accessibility, Inclusivity and Sustainability for the ALS Association

Yes& worked with the ALS Association to develop an adaptive online platform for individuals affected by ALS. We will demonstrate how mobile-first design principles proved invaluable in prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and...
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Debbie Bates-Schrott
Stuart Granger
Evangeline Weber

Maximizing Email Marketing Performance in 2024

Discover the latest strategies and tactics for achieving outstanding results in your email marketing campaigns. Our experts will share insights into the most effective techniques, email best practices, and cutting-edge...
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Shonali Burke
Ed Krug
Brian Graziano
Michael Kinstlinger

The Rapidly Changing State of Media Relations and Social Media

The state of media relations is in flux, and PR pros and journalists alike are forced to adapt to the shifting landscape. Natan Edelsburg the Chief Partnerships Officer at Muck...
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Julia Graham Moore
Sara Gallant
Hugo Rojo
Natan Edelsburg

Events in 2024: Trends, Predictions, and Best Practices

Join Patrick Smith, CMO of Cvent, and Mike Dietrich, VP of Product Marketing at Cvent, who will discuss the evolution of the events industry as 2024 approaches.  What is shaping the industry?...
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Patrick Smith
Mike Dietrich

Data + Insights for Digital Media Buys

The right data can provide powerful insights that change the direction and outcomes of your communications campaigns. Smart marketers know what to ask and have the tools in place to...
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Imani Greene

Mastering the Legal and Intellectual Property Issues Surrounding the AI Revolution for Communicators

AI in the communications fields presents challenges in intellectual property, data privacy, authentic communication, and ethical concerns. Balancing automation with creativity, attracting talent, and managing client expectations is crucial. AI...
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Dan Jasnow
David Fuscus

Digital-Out-Of-Home – The Secret Sauce in Today’s Digital Marketing Toolbox

In an era where traditional marketing tactics are being redefined, Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising reemerges as a vibrant force, elevating brand awareness, capturing audiences, and fostering connection. Engage with our panel...
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Jennifer Decker
Shana Fitch
Diana Gardner

Creating a Workplace Where Teams are Empowered to Experiment

Over the last four years, communicators and marketers have been put to the test, having had to adjust in real-time to come up with new strategies and approaches to meet the ever-changing...
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Elisabeth Bradley
Shonali Burke
Alex Love
Denise Kennedy

Pew Research Report on the Digital Landscape: U.S. Trends in Social Media, AI, Online News and Privacy, and What It Means for All Communicators

Jeffrey Gottfried, Associate Director of Research, Internet & Tech, at Pew Research Center, will highlight Center findings about current trends in the online information landscape and how adults in the...
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Jeff Gottfried
Chris Pellegrino

It’s Not Just the Drink, It’s the Moments: Effective Spirits Marketing to Multicultural Segments Means Knowing When and Why They Drink

When unique product attributes are critical to differentiation in highly competitive spirits advertising, it’s easy to lose sight of the many special reasons why multicultural drinkers choose to raise a...
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Felipe Restrepo
Mark Macklin

The Future of Information – Reputation Management in 2024 & Beyond

This is a must-see presentation for anyone who cares about their personal, business or client’s brand(s). We explore why the world is facing an information crisis and the future of...
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James Mawhinney

Using Journey Mapping to Fuel Marketing & Customer Experience Innovation

Join us for an engaging presentation that delves into how journey mapping can fuel innovative ways to better understand how audiences interact with your brand and unlock valuable insights into...
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Mary Linnell-Simmons
Chris Coelho
Jessica Niederberger
Suresh John

From Micro to Macro: A Deep Dive Into NextGen Influencer Campaigns

Who can best tell your brand’s story? In today’s social media landscape, leveraging influential voices and online content creators is crucial for enhancing your brand’s online presence. In this panel...
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Ellyn Briggs
Laura Wilson
Bella Gerard
Nick Sucich
Anhchi Ha

Be Cause: Creating Communications that Matter

How can you infuse purpose and meaning throughout campaigns, projects and initiatives that will deliberately grow your brand? In this session learn how to holistically build interconnected strategies, extend partnerships...
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Eva Nordstrom
Tim Blute
Michael Kaiser
Steve Wright
Emily Hellewell

New Kids on The Block – Meet the Latest Media Start-Ups

Several new media organizations have started up recently with either a base or significant operations in DC . This panel will introduce our audience to them and provide an opportunity...
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Kyle Trygstad
Mike Viqueria
Doug Fruehling
David Plotz

Share Your Perspective!: A Multi-Level Interactive Conversation on Contemporary Marketing Challenges

You’ve listened to a lot of great insights today. Now it’s your moment to shine! Join Katherine Boyko,  Arthur Uratani and Alex Fletcher as they lead an interactive discussion on...
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Arthur Uratani
Alex Fletcher
Katherine Boyko

Closing the Gap: Bridging the Divide between Sales and Marketing Teams

This panel will feature some of the top marketing and sales leaders, and technology providers, in the Mid-Atlantic. They’ll share what sales needs and expects from marketing — and what...
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Eric Trexler
Fred Diamond
Gina Stracuzzi

Thrill Us Then Kill Us? Balancing the Need to use AI with the Existential Risk AI Poses to Humanity

Two things can be true at the same time: Using AI more and more is a required part of any agency work, and, AI, on its current trajectory, poses a...
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John Sherman

The Value and Opportunity of Local TV News

This session will delve into the unique advantages and strategic opportunities that local television news presents for effective public relations campaigns. Expert panelists will explore how leveraging local TV news...
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Doug Simon
Dan McDonald